Tyler Tolin Pursues Georgia Statehouse

Updated: May 18, 2020

LUMPKIN COUNTY, Ga. – Tyler Tolin, a disabled combat veteran, announced today that he is a candidate for the Georgia House of Representatives in District 9

A former U.S. Marine, Army Airborne Ranger and special ops team member who served in Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa and the Mediterranean Tolin spent 52 months in combat zones during his military service.

“It’s fair to say I am a warfighter,” Tolin said. “Now that my military career has ended, I want to take the fight to the Gold Dome to defend our conservative North Georgia values. Our Founding Fathers created the Constitution to limit the power of government and give the power to the people. But politicians have used and abused the system. They have done nothing but enrich themselves, set rules for us to live by, but refused to live by them themselves. They have taken away our God-given freedoms, raised our taxes, removed God from every facet of our lives and now they want to take away our guns.

I'm not a politician. I'm just a soldier who loves this country and this great state. I pledge to you today that if you will elect me you will have a fighter in the General Assembly. I am not a go-along to get-along kind of guy. I will fight for you just as hard as I fought for this great nation. I will defend the Second Amendment, do my best to cut our taxes, support pro-life issues and bring God back to the forefront of American life.”

Tolin originally planned to make a run for Ninth District Congress

“You may have read the press release I issued announcing my campaign for Congress,” Tolin said. “I refer to that as my Biden moment. Bottom line: I’m just a retired veteran who doesn’t have a half-a-million dollar war chest it will take to win that race. But I still have a great desire to serve the people of the Ninth District. I humbly ask for your vote, your support but most of all, I ask for your prayers.”

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